What About A Website

Plymouth Website design and maintenance - Melanie Redman

Website Services

I offer the following:

Advice on Content and Layout

Ensuring that  the correct keywords and phrases are integrated  into the site with  clear  easy-to-follow navigation.

Basic Search Optimisation

All pages, images, links and tags are optimised for web searches, with relevant description and titles to help them be found, Every website is submitted to Google and Google Places.

Cookie compliance

Websites are fully compliant with the new cookie law, should there be a requirement for the  website to contain cookies (eg. Google website statistics)

Domain Registration

Buy and set up a new domain name together with hosting if required.

Email Addresses

Set up email addresses with forwarding and auto-responding capability, accessed as webmail as well as downloaded to an email program.


Favicon (small image next to browser tab) based on  the logo of the website.


Ensuring the website is always updated depending on your requirements with the latest software to keep pace with browser and platform updates as well as content.

Marketing and SEO

Submission to search engines, and a presence on Google+ & Google Places to help placement at the top end of  major search engines.

Mobile and Tablet Websites

Separate websites specifically designed for mobiles and tablets in addition to those targeting desktops.


Social Media

Maintained websites are kept protected  and free of viruses and spam with the latest software.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest set up and linked to the site, should you require it adding links and widgets to help broaden your chance of being  found on searches.


The set up of web hosting for new domains or managing switch-overs.